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As an environmental remediation contractor specializing in the in-situ remediation of soil and groundwater, IRSL has successfully evaluated, designed, implemented, and optimized innovative soil and groundwater in-situ remediation programs across the globe.

IRSL In-Situ Remediation Services Rick McGregor


The treatment and/or destruction of compounds of concern in place or “in situ”, in the ground, in-situ remediation offers:

  • The ability to access contaminants not accessible through traditional methods—in hard-to-reach locations, such as under buildings, roadways, etc.
  • Low-infrastructure solutions that are the least disruptive to facility operations.
  • More cost-effective and less energy intensive options than traditional methods.
  • Most technologically advanced methods available.
  • Smaller ecological footprint and a cleaner end-result.
IRSL In-Situ Remediation Services


Our in-situ remedial approaches include:

  • Chemical Oxidation
  • Chemical Reduction
  • Aerobic Bioremediation
  • Anaerobic Bioremediation
  • Surfactant Flushing
  • Cosolvent Flushing
  • Hybrid Remediation




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