Our Remediation Services

Innovative technologies. Grounded in experience.

IRSL has over 22 years of experience in many parts of the world. We are currently involved in completing projects in Canada, United States, Mexico, Brazil and Saudi Arabia.

Our team has designed, installed and maintained remedial systems in fractured and unconsolidated geologic environments including fine- and coarse-grained materials. We have successfully completed of a wide variety of remediation projects in a variety of geologic, hydrogeologic and geochemical environments.

The treatment and/or destruction of compounds of concern in place or “in situ”, in the ground, in-situ remediation offers the:

  • Ability to access difficult-to-reach contaminants.
  • More cost-effective than traditional methods.
  • Smaller ecological footprint and a cleaner end-result.

The treatment and/or destruction of compounds of concern above ground, ex-situ remediation offers:

  • Potentially shorter remedial time-frames.
  • Lower risk that impacts will remain in the ground.
  • Minimal permitting and regulatory issues.

Effective remediation programs require constant monitoring and optimization. Our remediation support services:

  • Ensure the most efficient use of technical and financial resources.
  • Shorten remedial time-frames.
  • Mitigate unnecessary technical and financial risk.

Serving Your Needs

We confidently implement innovative solutions, based on sound knowledge, using seasoned field staff.
Our pragmatic, flexible approach reduces effort, cost to our clients, and environmental risk.


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