REGENESIS Remediation Solutions

Recently, PFAS contamination in groundwater has been identified as an emerging threat to clean drinking water supplies. These chemicals are difficult to treat due to their very stable nature and resultant persistence in environment. So far, it has been impossible to treat PFAS in-situ (in the ground), so instead engineering firms have been forced to use costly and time-consuming pump and treat systems in order to remove the contamination. This video presents a case study of a site contaminated with PFAS, where PlumeStop® Liquid Activated Carbon™ from REGENESIS was injected in-situ, achieving excellent distribution through the subsurface to remove contaminants. Rick McGregor, President of INSITU Remediation Services Ltd., and Grant Carey, Ph.D., President of Porewater Solutions, discuss the remediation strategy and modeling at this site, which demonstrates a breakthrough, unprecedented ability to remove PFAS quickly, permanently, and cost-effectively, thereby protecting the environment and human health from the threat of PFAS contamination.